Please find here the Letter of Clarification in response to some MUN organizations based in the US defamatory action against FWWMUN Conference.



The Italian Diplomatic Academy (IDA), is a registered NGO, in good standing and in association with the Department of Public Information and Non-Governmental Organisation (UN DPI/NGO)

IDA has been in operation for over a decade and has processed students attending MUNs and other educational forums, since. We have recently created “The Future We Want Model United Nations (FWWMUN) and the World Federation of Model United Nations Association (WFMUNA) against the backdrop of the UN 2012 conference on the sustainable development goals.

We endeavour to be as transparent as possible and are aware of false publications in the media with an attempt to discredit our cause. IDA and all its entities are genuine, recognised at UN level with the main intention of providing young people with a safe environment through which they can engage in critical thinking and be part of the decision-making process.

IDA and its entities reserves the right to host its own MUN conferences and sincerely apologise for anyone that got caught up in such misleading posts. We carefully protect our reputation and are justifiably proud of our work and the materials we produce and clearly state that we have no affiliation with other MUN organizers since we do not believe MUN programs are conceived for profit.  We are currently in discussion with our legal team to establish the right course of action. We look forward to welcoming delegates the world over, at the UNHQ March 8-12, 2018.

Click here for confirmation of our affiliation status.

If you have been affected by the publications, please feel free to get in touch with us at board@wfmuna.org

What is Future We Want MUN?



Inspired by the 2012 Rio+20 Resolution, “The Future We Want”, The Conference is committed to promoting a united international community, a better future, and a more sustainable world through the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). FWWMUN has identified 10 goals from the 17 SDGs as key focus areas related to youth and education to guide the work of the organization. UN high level officials have highlighted the important role Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Youth NGOs play in advocating for the SDGs in their countries. FWWMUN will work closely with organizations committed to bringing about the Future We Want to help all of us address this challenge together.

Where FWWMUN is going to take place?



The Future We Want MUN will take place entirely at the UN Headquarters in NYC from March 8-11, 2018. Please see the booking of UN premises here.

Who is the main organizer?



To manage the conference the sponsoring institutions after wider consultation with UN officials and people from MUN community decided to establish an ad-hoc organization, the World Federation of Model United Nations Associations. WFMUNA is a newly established organization under several UN Officials auspice to unite all major MUN associations and clubs worldwide with the aim of creating a platform for knowledge sharing and coordination.

Current Board includes people from Italian Diplomatic Academy Advisory Board, its Faculty Body and some other prominent personalities active in international relations. Applications to include members-at-large from within the MUN community are ongoing.

Being affiliated with WFMUNA, MUN Associations and Clubs benefit from a world-class experience at MUN conferences and programs. A passionate guardian of UN principles, WFMUNA commits to supervising quality in MUN conferences globally, to monitoring the conduct and ethics of MUN organizations, and to making Model United Nations programs more accessible for all.

Who is the main sponsor of the conference?



The main sponsor of FWWMUN conference is the Italian Diplomatic Academy (IDA). The Italian Diplomatic Academy is a proud member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI). Please see the Official Affiliation here.

The Italian Diplomatic Academy is also an internationally recognized NGO affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information. Please see the Official Affiliation of the Academy here.

Further, IDA is deeply committed to promote UN mission and activity by engaging youth and Civil Society. Please find the remarks from the United Nations Secretary General about the Academy here.

IDA provides an academically exciting and personally rewarding environment for those wishing to empower their knowledge and expertise in the multifaceted dimensions of the international relations. Please see a full presentation of the Academy here.

Why are scholarships available and where does the money come from?


We truly believe that Model UN is an incredible way to train future world leaders, and it is indeed a very rewarding experience all students, especially from economically disadvantaged background, should have access to.

The Italian Diplomatic Academy, is an NGO with consultative status in association with The Department of Public Information and Non–Governmental organisation (UN DPI/NGO) and a member of the United Nations Academic Impact. We have participated in MUNs for over a decade bringing together over 1700 delegates annually to attend other MUN conferences around the globe,especially in New York. It is only fitting that we invest the money previously used to staff other MUNs in hosting our own which will be more affordable, especially to our target audience of young persons from developing countries and economically disadvantaged background. We strongly believe in making MUN accessible to all instead of the few and it is those persons who will benefit from the scholarships that are readily available. FWWMUN believes in not leaving anyone behind by increasing participation from developing countries without prejudice and competition. Doing this will increase knowledge sharing and thus, creating maximum impact.

Therefore, we discovered that the large sums of money we used to pay to other organisations, could be invested in giving young people the opportunity to participate at an international level.

In particular, it could:

  • Sponsor the organization of a large MUN conference in NY: a conference that thanks to the support of several UN actors would possibly be held entirely at the UN Headquarters;
  • Redistribute an important part of the saved money in forms of scholarships to allow a free of charge participation for our delegates.
  • Redistribute another part of the saved money in forms of financial aid to cover the housing of our participants;
  • Negotiate better rates with partnering hotels to make housing in NY more affordable;
  • Offer higher standards and benefits for our Secretariat Team and Chairs, so to guarantee the conference with the highest academic quality.

All in all, we wanted our conference in New York to be the first unique MUN in the world to be fully inclusive, allowing equal participation and opportunities for people from all countries.

We simply wanted a MUN FOR ALL because that’s the FUTURE WE WANT! Welcome to the Future We Want Model United Nations Conference!

Why the caution fee?



Due to hotel cancellation policy and to avoid last-minute drop-outs by the participants, in order to confirm your scholarship which will include free housing for 2 nights in NYC and the free attendance to the conference we kindly ask you to proceed with the payment of a 50 USD caution fee (individual registration) or 300 USD caution fee per delegation (group registration of 8 or more students). The caution fee will be refunded immediately upon attendance. The caution fee serves as commitment to make sure registered participants granted scholarships will be attending the conference.

To whom the caution fee is paid?



Caution fee will be paid directly to MYMUN. MYMUN is a renown platform for MUN conferences management. FWWMUN agreed with MYMUN that no money will be credited to FWWMUN bank account. The paid caution fee will stay in the MYMUN platform, which serves as a guarantee for the participants. The Caution fee will be immediately refunded upon attendance.