Scholarships for Delegate, School, and Advisor Fees

Future We Want Model United Nations is proud to offer Scholarships to cover the full cost of Delegate Fees, School Fees, and Advisor Fees for all 2500 participants. Further, up to 1,500 scholarships to cover two hotel nights in NY are offered. Any participating school or university is eligible to apply for Scholarships through the Registration Form.

Financial Aid for Accommodations

Financial Aid is available to help fully or partially cover the accommodation costs associated with attending FWWMUN. The Financial Aid will be applied to stay in a conference-associated hotel near the UN Headquarters for two nights: Friday, March 9th and Saturday, March 10th. In order to ensure fairness and maximum opportunities for participation, strong prioritization will be given to groups which are unable to commute to the NYC, as well as groups which fall under national or state-wide criteria for funding tiers (Title 1/REAP designation, NESC designations, etc).  FWWMUN has a hotel bloc specifically reserved, but we do not require delegations to stay at a specific hotel nor do we charge an alternate hotel fee. Financial Aid for accommodations can be applied for through the Registration Form. 

Application Deadlines

The application for Scholarships and Financial Aid is located within the Registration Form. Applications and notifications will be done in two rounds per the deadlines listed below. Schools that apply during the Early Decision period will have higher priority and likelihood of receiving Scholarships and Financial Aid. Schools that do not receive Scholarships and/or Financial Aid can be placed on a waitlist for either or both funds.

Round I: Early Decision

Deadline: December 15th.

Notification: December 20th

Round II: Regular Decision

Deadline: January 12th

Notification: January 19th