Conference Fees


Model UN conferences should be an accessible experience for students and teachers. Therefore, this conference is proud to offer Full Scholarships to cover the delegate fees for the first 1,500 students to confirm registration for this conference. More information on Scholarships and Financial Aid for accommodations is available here.

Delegate Fee - $75 per Delegate


A Delegate Fee is charged for each student participant who would like to attend the conference. This fee includes access to all FWWMUN materials and programming, including Opening and Closing Ceremonies, committee sessions, preparation materials and background guides, delegate programming, placards, materials, UN entrance badge, and more. Scholarships are available to cover the delegate fee. 

School Fee - $75 per school


Each school, university, or group that attends the conference pays a single School Fee. High school groups are required to be accompanied by an adult faculty advisor of at least 18 years of age. The School Fee covers one faculty advisor who can attend for free. Scholarships are available to cover the school fee. 

Advisor Fee - $50 per Additional Advisor


The fee for the first faculty advisor is included in the School Fee. Schools seeking to bring additional faculty advisors or chaperones can pay an Advisor Fee for each additional advisor or chaperone. Schools are recommended to bring advisors at a 10-to-1 ratio with their students, and limited scholarships are available to cover the Advisor Fees for groups with 20 or more delegates.