Future We Want MUN

A Global Initiative for Young Leaders



Inspired by the 2012 Rio+20 Resolution, “The Future We Want”, the FWWMUN is committed to promoting a united international community, a better future, and a more sustainable world through the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). FWWMUN has identified 10 goals from the 17 SDGs as key focus areas related to youth and education to guide the work of the organization. UN high level officials have highlighted the important role Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Youth NGOs play in advocating for the SDGs in their countries. FWWMUN will work closely with organizations committed to bringing about the Future We Want to help all of us address this challenge together.

Our Approach

A core principle of FWWMUN programming is a commitment to substantive excellence. As a Global educational conference committed to educating youth through Model United Nations programs and workshops, FWWMUN seeks to bring together future generations of leaders from all corners of the globe to gain first-hand experience in international relations, to produce high quality resolutions aimed at bringing about the Future We Want, and to submit these resolutions to relevant UN agencies and world leaders for consideration. FWWMUN is committed to building a better world by serving the United Nations and international community.


By bringing together the social mission of FWWMUN along with a committed secretariat led by senior officers and brilliant young enthusiasts, FWWMUN, working actively with NGOs and academic institutions across the globe, will promote and educate students in leadership, international relations, and consensus-building. FWWMUN programs bring together students from around the world to meet as youth, build long-standing friendships, and learn emotional and social skills along with gaining a new level of academic understanding of the issues discussed at the United Nations. Students will develop their critical thinking skills, cross-cultural understanding, and self-confidence through this activity to go on and become Agents of Change in their communities.

Our philosophy

We truly believe that Model UN is an incredible way to train future world leaders, and it is indeed a very rewarding experience all students, especially from economically disadvantaged background, should have access to.

The Italian Diplomatic Academy is an NGO associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information and a member of the United Nations Academic Impact. We have participated in MUNs for over a decade bringing together over 1700 delegates annually to attend other MUN conferences around the globe,especially in New York. It is only fitting that we invest the money previously used to staff other MUNs in hosting our own which will be more affordable, especially to our target audience of young persons from developing countries and economically disadvantaged background. We strongly believe in making MUN accessible to all instead of the few and it is those persons who will benefit from the scholarships that are readily available. FWWMUN believes in not leaving anyone behind by increasing participation from developing countries without prejudice and competition. Doing this will increase knowledge sharing and thus, creating maximum impact.

Therefore, we discovered that the large sums of money we used to pay to other organisations, could be invested in giving young people the opportunity to participate at an international level.


All in all, we wanted our conference in New York to be the first unique MUN in the world to be fully inclusive, allowing equal participation and opportunities for people from all countries.

We simply wanted a MUN FOR ALL because that’s the FUTURE WE WANT! Welcome to the Future We Want Model United Nations Conference!



Ban Ki-Moon

Former UN Secretary General

“On behalf of the entire United Nations system, I congratulate you for taking part in one of the most practical, hands-on experiences in international diplomacy for young people. You will get a full taste of the complexity of international relations.”

Model United Nations, China 2010

Jayathma Wickramanayake

Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth

“With the 2030 Agenda, all Member States have committed to substantially increase the number of youth who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship. They recognized that without skilled and employable young people, our chances of achieving the Goals are greatly diminished. It is time to take that commitment seriously.”

World Youth Skills Day 2017

António Guterres

UN Secretary General

At Model UN, you broaden your horizons. By learning and networking, you can be part of the UN’s efforts to establish peace, secure human rights and enable all people to live in dignity,”

Education For Justice (E4J) initiative, UNODC