Future We Want MUN

A Global Initiative for Young Leaders


Experiencing Diplomacy

Delegates at FWWMUN will have the opportunity to debate the UN General Assembly,  Economic and Social Council Chamber, and other official committees throughout the weekend, giving them the opportunity to work together and debate issues chosen directly from the UN agenda. FWWMUN will bring together expert speakers from the United Nations, foreign officials, and various Non-Governmental Organizations to provide students with an in-depth view of international politics. After the conference, FWWMUN will be submitting all resolutions to the United Nations Secretariat following the conclusion of the conference. 

MUN For All

We truly believe that Model UN is an incredible way to train future world leaders, and is an experience all students should have. In order to make this conference accessible to all students, we will be providing scholarships for the first 2500 students to confirm registration to attend the conference without any fees at all. And we granted 1500 scholarships covering two hotel nights in NY durung Conference dates.

A World-Class Experience

FWWMUN is committed to delivering a world-class experience to all the delegates in attendance, and the conference will bring together prestigious international partners to help achieve that goal. The FWWMUN is fully engaged to ensure that this conference features realistic and educational content taken directly from the UN agenda, a smooth experience for all groups to register and attend the event, and expert staff from elite colleges and universities around the world to lead your delegates throughout the event.

Our philosophy

We truly believe that Model UN is an incredible way to train future world leaders, and it is indeed a very rewarding experience all students, especially from economically disadvantaged background, should have access to.

The Italian Diplomatic Academy is an NGO associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information and a member of the United Nations Academic Impact. We have participated in MUNs for over a decade bringing together over 1700 delegates annually to attend other MUN conferences around the globe,especially in New York. It is only fitting that we invest the money previously used to staff other MUNs in hosting our own which will be more affordable, especially to our target audience of young persons from developing countries and economically disadvantaged background. We strongly believe in making MUN accessible to all instead of the few and it is those persons who will benefit from the scholarships that are readily available. FWWMUN believes in not leaving anyone behind by increasing participation from developing countries without prejudice and competition. Doing this will increase knowledge sharing and thus, creating maximum impact.

Therefore, we discovered that the large sums of money we used to pay to other organisations, could be invested in giving young people the opportunity to participate at an international level.


All in all, we wanted our conference in New York to be the first unique MUN in the world to be fully inclusive, allowing equal participation and opportunities for people from all countries.

We simply wanted a MUN FOR ALL because that’s the FUTURE WE WANT! Welcome to the Future We Want Model United Nations Conference!

The Role of Youth in Sustainable Development: Engaged, Involved, Empowered!

Concept Note

Conference: The event is under the theme: “The Role of Youth in Sustainable Development: Involved, Engaged, Empowered”.

Rationale: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by United Nations (UN) Member States in September 2015. Youths are at the centre of sustainable development and with half of the world population represented by youth, it is crucial to engage them in the process; at all levels. The 2030 agenda cannot be successfully achieved, if we fail to address the cultural nuances that invariably exist and bring youths to the decision-making table.

Purpose: The conference is the first of its kind engaging MUNers on 10 of the 17 sustainable development goals. It will focus on the significance of youth voices from a plethora of backgrounds, in not only understanding, but implementing the 2030 SDG agenda, at all levels of the decision-making process.

Planning and Format: The planning process will be organized by an organizing committee, set up under the IDA umbrella and an international secretariat, run by a Secretary General. The committee sessions will be chaired by appointed and experienced chairs within the MUN circle with the intention of sharing all passed resolutions to the UN bodies, written in UN language. The Organising committee and the Secretariat shall make every effort to ensure that perspectives from diverse regions and communities are represented, including marginalized youth groups.

Participation: We currently have youth participation from over 130 countries and are still in discussions with Permanent Missions, especially from developing countries, to increase participation and inclusion of these often-forgotten youths. Additionally, Permanent Missions are asked to support the participation of representatives from vulnerable and marginalised communities mostly affected by poverty, inequality, and injustice.

Conclusion: The Future We Want MUN builds on the commitment made by member states in 2012. However, FWWMUN has taken a new paradigm shift by focusing solely on youth engagement, the world over. It will prove as a unique opportunity to fully engage civil society on the importance of MUN and engaging youths at all levels towards achieving the 2030 agenda.



Ban Ki-Moon

Former UN Secretary General

“On behalf of the entire United Nations system, I congratulate you for taking part in one of the most practical, hands-on experiences in international diplomacy for young people. You will get a full taste of the complexity of international relations.”

Model United Nations, China 2010

Jayathma Wickramanayake

Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth

“With the 2030 Agenda, all Member States have committed to substantially increase the number of youth who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship. They recognized that without skilled and employable young people, our chances of achieving the Goals are greatly diminished. It is time to take that commitment seriously.”

World Youth Skills Day 2017

António Guterres

UN Secretary General

At Model UN, you broaden your horizons. By learning and networking, you can be part of the UN’s efforts to establish peace, secure human rights and enable all people to live in dignity,”

Education For Justice (E4J) initiative, UNODC